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Hernia News and Updates

Are Hernias Preventable?

Are hernias preventable? Yes, this common condition can be avoided if one uses the proper lifting techniques. Hernias are usually caused at work and during recreation, such as weightlifting at the gym. Hernias can be caused by improper lifting techniques. Proper lifting technique: #1: Warm up prior to lifting. #2:... Read more

Are Hernias Hereditary?

One of the most common questions about hernias we are asked is whether they are hereditary, and if there is a possibility the patient could “pass on” the condition. Fortunately, hernias are not hereditary. On the other hand, some hernias are congenital. This means that you may develop a hernia... Read more

How Does Smoking Affect Hernias?

Hernias are caused by straining. Straining can occur when you lift, cough, urinate, or experience constipation. Long-term smokers frequently develop a chronic cough, which is a common cause of hernias. Smokers develop hernias at a higher rate than nonsmokers. Smoking causes a decreased rate of collagen formation. This is due... Read more
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