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How Are Hernias Diagnosed?

Hernias are most commonly located in the groin or umbilical region. However, hernias may occur in any location in the abdomen. Many patients self-diagnose their hernias. The symptoms of a hernia include: Swelling or bulge beneath abdominal or groin skin. The bulge may disappear when lying down. Pain or discomfort... Read more
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Causes of A Sports Hernia

A sports hernia is the result of repetitive twisting and turning. This injury occurs in the groin. Athletes who perform these motions at high speed are especially at risk. These hernias are common among soccer, hockey, and tennis players. Overuse of the groin muscles results in stress on the inguinal... Read more

Low Cost Hernia Surgery

The way to lower the cost of hernia surgery is by having surgery performed as soon as possible. I give my patients an estimated cost for surgery as well as explain to them the expected length of the recovery period. I tell them that if they wait, they risk the... Read more
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