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Hernia Cost

Surgery costs vary based on the type of hernia, the technique used, medical risk factors, or any additional complexities. In the medical industry, many hospitals and centers do not provide upfront surgery costs. These costs can be highly variable, even for the same procedure. At the Hernia Center of Southern California, we know the importance of understanding the cost of your procedure. Below are average total costs for hernia surgery in California:

The average cost of one-sided open inguinal hernia surgery performed at an outpatient surgery center in California is $7000.

The average cost of one-sided laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery performed at an outpatient surgery center in California is $9000. Laparoscopic surgery costs are higher due to increased equipment and time expenses.

Hernia Surgery Cost

At The Hernia Center of Southern California website we do not have “specials” on the cost of hernia surgery. Instead, below you will see our average cost for uninsured patients. In all cases, our hernia surgery cost is very competitive with other physicians. At many other hernia clinics and websites you might see a published “discount price,” but after a consultation with the doctor you are informed that the hernia surgery cost will be significantly higher due to problems that are unique to you.

Once you complete our online consultation, you will be given a guaranteed price. Avoid disappointment and call our office for an accurate hernia surgery cost. We accept most health insurance plans, and financing is available.

Explanation of Hernia Surgery Cost

At all times our staff will inform you of your costs upfront. There are no hidden fees. If you have medical insurance, at no charge our billing staff will be able to determine whether your insurance coverage is full or partial. And if partial, what your co-pay will be.


We offer a free consultation if you complete our online form. A physician will call you to discuss your hernia.

Office consultations are done with the hernia surgeon in one of our several office locations throughout Southern California (Pasadena, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Pomona, Riverside, Long Beach, Anaheim, and Newport Beach). Insurance companies cover the cost of our consultation. Patients who are uninsured can be seen at the Hernia Center of Southern California for an affordable cash price. During the consultation you will first be interviewed by a nurse. Afterwards, you will be examined by either Dr. David Albin or Dr. Michael Albin, our hernia specialists. All of our consultations are thorough and never hurried. You will be treated with utmost respect. And you’ll be encouraged to ask whatever questions are necessary to help you make an informed and confident decision about your procedure and the hernia surgery cost.

Hernia Surgery

Insured patients

The Hernia Center of Southern California accepts most insurance.  You will be informed if there an out-of-pocket hernia surgery cost. Our friendly office staff will help you determine if we accept your insurance. Our billing department will verify your insurance free of charge to make sure you are covered for hernia surgery. Our office staff will obtain authorization before for your hernia surgery. You will be informed of any co-pays or deductibles prior to your surgery. The hernia surgery cost will be given to you in writing upfront informing you which portion is covered by your insurance and your out-of-pocket cost.

Insurance Network

Dr. David Albin and Dr. Michael Albin are in-network for most insurance. The Pasadena Surgery Center, LLC may be ‘out-of-network’ for a few insurances. If this is the case, we will be happy to discuss financing or other arrangements.  Since we pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality care at the best prices, we also offer our patients in-network benefits at Huntington Memorial Hospital and California Hospital. This will minimize your out-of-pocket costs. The hernia surgery cost to you will be minimal.

Uninsured Patients

The average hernia surgery cost is $4000.

The hernia surgery cost includes:

  • Surgeons’ fees. All hernia operations are performed by not the usual one, rather TWO U.S. trained and board certified hernia specialists, Dr. David Albin and Dr. Michael Albin. This ensures that you will have the best possible result. And this unique surgical attention is provided to you at no extra hernia surgery cost.
  • Surgery center fees are included – this includes the operating room time, all materials, including mesh, and the recovery period.
  • Anesthesia fees are included.
  • Follow-up visits are included.

At our Hernia Center there are no hidden hernia surgery cost fees. Everything will be in writing, for your approval, before your hernia surgery.

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