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Are Hernias Hereditary?

One of the most common questions about hernias we are asked is whether they are hereditary, and if there is a possibility the patient could “pass on” the condition. Fortunately, hernias are not hereditary. On the other hand, some hernias are congenital. This means that you may develop a hernia at birth. You do not, however, inherit hernias from your parents. Instead what we observe is that certain families are more prone to develop hernias because they have a family history of weak muscles and we know that weak muscles can result in the development of hernias.

If you have questions about whether you are at a higher risk for a hernia, you can discuss your concerns with your primary care physician. Your family doctor can also provide advice on how to minimize your chances of developing this condition. If you believe you may currently have a hernia, we encourage you to reach out to our medical team to schedule a consultation with our hernia surgeons. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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