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Hernia Center of Southern California Moves to New Pasadena Location

Dr. David Albin and his son Dr. Michael Albin of the Hernia Center of Southern California announce the opening of a new practice location in Pasadena after 25 years at their current medical facility.

Pasadena, CA — The Hernia Center of Southern California, a practice focused on hernia treatment with offices in Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County, will be moving from its current Pasadena location on 800 S. Fairmount Avenue, Suite 419 to 31 W. Bellevue Drive. The first day of business will be July 17th, 2017. David Albin, MD and Michael Albin, MD, Pasadena hernia surgeons and medical directors of the Hernia Center of Southern California, will be providing services at the new facility, which sits less than a mile from the Fairmount Avenue location.

Dr. David Albin explains the move is intended to ensure the continued delivery of exceptional care for patients suffering from various types of hernias. The previous location served them well for over 25 years, he adds, and now it is time to begin a new chapter for the Hernia Center of Southern California. Dr. David Albin says he and his medical team will be able to perform surgery at the new Bellevue location and offer attentive, patient-focused care to each person they see. As extensively trained surgeons, he and his son repair a comprehensive range of hernias, including:

Abdominal/ventral hernia
Inguinal hernia
Umbilical hernia
Sports hernia
Incisional hernia
Epigastric hernia
Recurring hernia

All other Hernia Center of Southern California locations—Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Pomona, Long Beach, Riverside, Newport Beach, and Anaheim—will remain at their current addresses. Drs. Albin and Albin say the new Pasadena location, as with the other locations, will prioritize the needs of each patient they see while providing speedy and convenient treatment. The general surgeons note that they also make it as simple as possible to cover hernia costs by participating with a broad array of medical insurances and offering appealing financing options. “The Hernia Center of Southern California has built the only free-standing Hernia Surgery Center in California and is one of only a few in the country. Our facility has been customized to care for patients with all types of hernias, both simple and complex. Our Hernia Surgery Center is equipped with the latest state-of-the-at equipment to provide the highest quality medical care. In addition, since we own the actual facility, we have become more economical and will transfer these savings to our patients who will pay less for hernia surgery.”

About Hernia Center of Southern California
With eight locations to serve patients in the Southern California area, including practices in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside, the Hernia Center of Southern California offers state-of-the-art treatment for hernia repair. Led by Dr. David Albin and Dr. Michael Albin, a father and son team, the medical offices address a comprehensive range of hernia types, including complex and recurring hernias, using an innovative tension-free mesh technique developed by Dr. David Albin. Dedicated to patient care, Hernia Center of Southern California typically offers speedier appointments, less downtime, and a lower risk of recurrence than the average medical facility.

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Hernia Center of Southern California
Current Pasadena Office:
800 S. Fairmount Ave., Ste. 419
Pasadena, CA 91105
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New Pasadena Office:
31 W. Bellevue Dr.
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 584-6116

Beverly Hills Office:
9001 Wilshire Blvd., ate. 304
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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Los Angeles Office:
1700 Cesar Chavez Ave., Ate. 3900
Los Angeles, CA 90033
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Pomona Office:
502 S. Garey Ave.
Pomona, CA 91766
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Long Beach Office:
4010 Orange Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90807
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Riverside Office:
3579 Arlington Ave., Ste. 300
Riverside, CA 92506
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Newport Beach Office:
450 Newport Center Dr., Ste. 650
Newport Beach, CA 92660
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710 N. Euclid St., Ste. 214
Anaheim, CA 92801
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