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What Is a Complex Hernia?

As the name implies, complex hernias are hernias that are not the usual type of hernia. Often these hernias have been present for a long period of time and have not been treated. Patients who develop complex hernias usually tell us that they have had a hernia for years but did not seek treatment. Recently their hernia has have become larger and more painful. Any hernia if left untreated can develop into a complex hernia.
Types of complex hernias:

Large Hernia

A hernia may start as a small bulge. The hernia, if left untreated, may become very large. We have seen patients with hernias the size of a grape return with a hernia the size of a grapefruit or a large melon. A hernia this large will inevitably contain intestinal tissue. These hernias will cause digestive symptoms, including constipation, nausea, or vomiting. Untreated incarceration or strangulation may occur, requiring a surgical emergency.

Painful Hernias

When a hernia that was initially painless becomes painful, it has developed into a complex hernia. This occurs when intestines, the urinary bladder, or ovaries (in the case of females) has become trapped in the hernia. If this occurs, you should contact your physician as soon as possible

Complex Hernias after Failed Surgery

Complex hernias result when the surgery does not go according to plan. Usually this occurs when there is a nerve injury. It may also occur if the hernia mesh was not properly placed. After some surgeries, the hernia actually does not go away.

At the Hernia Center of Southern California, we specialize in repairing all types of complex hernias. Having performed over 12,000 hernia surgeries during their over 25 years of practice, our board certified team of Drs. David and Michael Albin have seen and repaired every type of hernia. We are the go-to surgeons for all difficult hernias. Other general surgeons call us up to repair their patient hernias when it is too difficult for them. We are trusted by professional sports teams because we are able to repair all types of hernias, including sports hernia, and typically prevent the patient from developing a complex hernia.

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